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Mandela 20 years on

As South Africa celebrates the 20 year anniversary of the release of  Nelson Mandela,I’m not going to go into a diatribe, there is enough of that already on the Internet today, but  I  do reflect back on those 20 years and the years before that, and I must say there will never be another Mandela. Every so often there are extradonary men and women who grace history, Shakespeare, Dickens,Churchill, Mother Teresa, Marie Curie, Anwar Sadat,Pope John Paul  to name a few – and Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela 1990 South Africa

 A man who gave up 27 years of his life for others. People praise him as a man of vison, a man of peace and love, a man almost god-like, It wasn’t until June  2008, however,  that U.S. lawmakers erased references to Mandela as a terrorist from their national databases!!!

He believed in something, so strongly he was willing to do anything to make it come true, a very noble thing, it wasn’t just his dream, like Martin Luther King fighting for the same thing in the USA, it was the dreams of a nation, he was fighting for, he not only made his dream come true for himself but for all those who dreamed it too.


Christmas tree.

I decorated the Christmas tree alone this year, it’s quite a preparation it takes me almost a week. I first have to get the decorations from their boxes and unwrap them all, as I use crystal figurines, each one is wrapped separately and stored in a small box. I also like to polish them before I hang them up, I wear cotton gloves while handling them, it’s quite a long process. Some of the ornaments are 175 years old.Ihave gradually been building up my collection over the years. lots of them are old crystals from broken chandeliers, some are worth 2000 Rand others only 2 or 3 but they are all special to me.                                                                                       

The tree this year is a 7 foot imitation Fraser fir, Hillary had brought to us from the Mother City. And our wonderful gardener stripped trimmed and set it in place in the front parlour.I decided to use white LED lights, strings of crystal beads and silver ribbon along with my figurines, I choose not to use tinsel this year. These are some of my favourite pieces.

Golf, porn and Father’s Day

I really should have written My Father’s Day blog by now, but I haven’t so I shall do so now, because I have another blog in mind, and I want toget them both typed up before they flee my mind!
All the children came home to celebrate Father, even Little Miss flew from Johannesburg. It’s been since Christmas that we have all been together in the same place and nearly 4 years since we have celebrated a Father’s Day all together, Errant Son had finally planted roots, or so we thought. The grandchildren presented their gifts first, a loevly shiny pencil holder for Granpa’s desk and a very colourful Kleenex box cover,which I am sure Grandpa will treasure. Grandpa has been a little grumpy of late, quite angry with his fellow doctors for taking part in the strike. But he was soon cheered up with the children in the house, he could talk medicine with Hillary, and be spoiled by Sophie and debate ( which is what we call his little arguments with Grayson ) current affairs with Grayson. And he loved his new golf clubs,which the children all chipped in for ( meaning Hillary and Grayson, Sophie no doubt spent this month’s and next month’s allownace on shoes! ). They even had a set of 12 black golf balls monogrammed with Father’s intials “LSJ” which I thought was a lovely touch even Grayons’s naughty pornography book went down well, I’ve actually had a look through quite interesting, there is so much more to pornography then sex, tried to have a discussion with the culprit who bought the book,children claim parents are so prudish about sex, but really they are the ones with the hangups! Sex is as natural as living or dying, it is a part of life!
Little Miss Sophie also made a lovely cake, which despite being her first effort and did not come out of a Betty Crocker packet was quite deliscious.

Dylan’s Birthday

May 29th is my grandson’s birthday, it seems like just weeks ago he was born, my second grandchild, the first Seaton-Jones male to actually be born in SA. Both Hillary and Grayson were born in the UK, although Grayson was less then 18 months old when we came to SA, Sophie was born here.

Having grandchildren is a wonderful experience, I think even more so then your own children I think I enjoy my grandkids more, because I don’t have the responsibility of having to raise them, I can spoil them to death which is the sacred right of all grandmothers, I can pass on my pearls of wisdom, and act as if I knew exactly what I was doing when I rasied my own children.

We did have a wonderful party for Dylan planned out, pony rides, a huge inflatable castle, clowns, a magician and a puppet show. We were desperately hoping the weather would be good to us, but when we woke in the morning to rain and some said it had hailed, we knew our goose was cooked. The free standing marquee was rigged to the double doors of the conservatory, which was emptied of all it’s contents, luckily it is heated and we also had heaters brought in to heat up the tent. I know this all sounds a tad extravagant especially as we are now officially in a recession, but how often is your only grandson five?! Once I hear you say, correct, good answer! I know, I know you are wondering with all of my extravagance how I possibly gave birth to the liberal, tree hugging, simplistic, selfless, save the whales, save the rain forests, save anything that needs to be saved son Grayson, these things happen!

The heaters however melted the ice cream cake that had to promptly be replaced by a Spiderman cake, made by a friend, in much haste! And decorated with one of Dylan’s own action figures, great thinking Grayson, ( what can I say the boy takes after me! Sometimes ).

So while the ponies were canceled and the inflatable castle never was put up, the magician, puppet show and clowns, ( ghastly things, I have no idea why Aimee wanted them! ) seemed to do the trick. A good time was had by all, especially our little birthday boy who grows more handsome with every day. I know all grandmothers are proud of their little ones
and all grandmothers think their grandchild is the most beautiful in the world, well you’re all wrong because my grandson is the most beautiful child in the world. Dylan reminds me so much of his uncle Grayson at that age, he was a butter-won’t-melt-in-his-mouth little angel in disguise aswell.


Happy Birthday to…

Albert Koopman
Anthony Micheal James Moore
Anthony Noel Dovale
Jody Narandran Kollapen
Johannes Petrus Coetzee
Moeneeb Josephs
Ross Ramotheo Mashishi
Peter Michael Ormiston Curle
Richard Brougham Savage
Sarah-Joan Shannon
Thabang Samson Makwetla….
And everyone else who has a birthday today!

Blog number Two

For some unfathomable reason, Blogger has starting to mess my blog around, which is rather annoying, so I have decided to start a new one. Same as the old, same rules apply it is open to all those curious cyber spacers who wish to partake in my cyber life.I don’t play favourites.


I suppose I should just say a few words of introduction, I’m Leticia, or Tish if you prefer, mother to three amazing children, Hillary, Grayson and Sophie, and grandmother to Jessalynne, Dylan and Natalie. I am a doting mother and grandmother so be prepared to be subjected to long winded ramblings about how wonderful my babies are, you have been warned.
I am prone to ranting, and some occasional humour. Expectlots of recipes, craft projects, and gardening. If these sort of things are not your cup of tea, stop reading this blog HERE.
The rather ingenius name for my new blog was created by Errant Son.