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Christmas tree.

I decorated the Christmas tree alone this year, it’s quite a preparation it takes me almost a week. I first have to get the decorations from their boxes and unwrap them all, as I use crystal figurines, each one is wrapped separately and stored in a small box. I also like to polish them before I hang them up, I wear cotton gloves while handling them, it’s quite a long process. Some of the ornaments are 175 years old.Ihave gradually been building up my collection over the years. lots of them are old crystals from broken chandeliers, some are worth 2000 Rand others only 2 or 3 but they are all special to me.                                                                                       

The tree this year is a 7 foot imitation Fraser fir, Hillary had brought to us from the Mother City. And our wonderful gardener stripped trimmed and set it in place in the front parlour.I decided to use white LED lights, strings of crystal beads and silver ribbon along with my figurines, I choose not to use tinsel this year. These are some of my favourite pieces.


Denim Jeans Planter

I saw a plaster jean overall planter in a gardening shop one day and tried to figure out how to make it using things I had at home. I used a pair of my daughter’s old jeans and four two-litre pop bottles. I filled the bottoms of two bottles with plaster, saturated the jeans with Stiffy Bow,which is a sort of gluey thing that stiffens whenit dries, let them dry, and sprayed on two coats of clear polyurethane.Then it was a case of decided which flowers in the hot house got to try on the new jeans!

My latest project

I bought this old suitcase at a church rummage sale over ten years ago for R6. I didn’t need it anymore as a suitcase, but I do need a place to store my crafting things. I also needed seating space in my computer room. With this I got both.
It was very easy to assemble, the suitcase itself is very sturdy and renforced I did however apply a sheet of lightweight wood to the top part before I covered it in some left over striped fabric. I then bought a huge thick piece of foam which I covered again in some lef tover material and then I glues to the top of the chip board. At a local DIY shop I bought some very cheap wooden feet that I painted white and fixed to the bottom of the suitcase.

Blog number Two

For some unfathomable reason, Blogger has starting to mess my blog around, which is rather annoying, so I have decided to start a new one. Same as the old, same rules apply it is open to all those curious cyber spacers who wish to partake in my cyber life.I don’t play favourites.


I suppose I should just say a few words of introduction, I’m Leticia, or Tish if you prefer, mother to three amazing children, Hillary, Grayson and Sophie, and grandmother to Jessalynne, Dylan and Natalie. I am a doting mother and grandmother so be prepared to be subjected to long winded ramblings about how wonderful my babies are, you have been warned.
I am prone to ranting, and some occasional humour. Expectlots of recipes, craft projects, and gardening. If these sort of things are not your cup of tea, stop reading this blog HERE.
The rather ingenius name for my new blog was created by Errant Son.