Aged 11

Aged 11

As parents, we always wonder how we’ve raised our children, have they become the people we had hoped, are they the people they had hoped to be.

My son Hillary is a wonderful father and husband, very loving, a dedicated doctor, I can see he is the person I hoped he would be. I can see it in the loving face of his wife, the adoring expressions of his children, the grateful thank yous of his patients. Sophie is still too young I do not believe she has yet become the person she wants to be, but I think she is on the right path.

With Grayson it’s so difficult to know, he’s so private, and he’s been away for the last 3 and a half years, I used to think he was a person I could be proud of, but now I know he is. The overwhelming response the flood of emails, asking about him, while he has been ill has touched me very deeply. He has always been popular with the ladies, young and old, he has that certain je nais ce quis, a charisma, that attracts them, and he is down right too handsome for his own good!

But I have received communications from people who have only known him for a few months, from people who have never met him, and while the words are different and the expressions used variable, there is one underlining theme. That he is a compassionate, caring, person, that he is a great friend, and would do anything for his friends, in the real world or the cyber one, that he is funny, a good listener, gives sound advice, passionate, and some what of a rebel ( that part I already knew ).

From L-R, Greg, Grayson, Donnie

From L-R, Greg, Grayson, Donnie

It feels my heart with joy to know that, people love my son, that they care for him, he has always said he wants to do something great , something to be remembered for, and I think he has accomplished that, true he has  solved no conflicts, nor has he discovered a cure for deadly diseases, he has not unmasked the mysteries of the universe, but he has touched lives in a way some never do, he has left his hand print  ob this world in the way that his friends, love and care for him, and when all is said and done,  when the books are opened and the judgment begins, I think that is the most important accomplishment he has achieved.

Just a few exerts from emails I have received :

Ash, NYC: “I must confess to you something, tears are rolling down my face right now..tears of joy and gratefulness. Im so overwhelmed with emotion that if Gray were here he would try to crack a joke just about now to change the mood. I miss him as he and I share a strong bond.”

Janna, Tasmania: “He saved my life, I almost drowned and he gave me CPR and brought me back, a world with no Gray would be a terrible placed to live’

Stephanie, Australia: “I’ve only known him a short while, but he is a wonderful person, he makes me smile, when I am sad, he’s not afraid to show his tender side, and be silly, make faces or crack jokes, even at his own expense”

Alejandro, Spain: ” I ‘ve never met him in person, but the dedication he has shown our cause, is overwhelming

Michael,England: ” All i can say is you must be very proud to call him your son

Jean-Paul, France:An amazing man, a caring nurse, a devoted friend, I do not take to people so quickly but after a few moments I felt as if I had known him all my life”

Helle, South Africa: ” We chose him to be our volley ref, not just cuz he’s so gorgeous, but cuz he treats us with so much respect

Jenny, South Africa: ” he made me a better nurse”

Phil, Namibia: “he puts others first, his selflessness is unparalleled”

Cara, Los Angeles: ‘ the first time I saw him he was drunk as a skunk, with a beer can stuck to the bottom of his shoe, and a mustache and goatee, he’s drawn on himself with an indelible marker “

Shannon, Dublin: ” he comes up to me and says, “Crikey and I thought I was good looking, lol, how could I resist?

Bryan, Chicago: ‘ lol he gave  me this scowling look and said, “Bru, she’s someone’s sister, knock it off! I have admired him ever since

Donnie, South Africa: ” so i says to him, bru you trying to look like me or what, and he says yea I’m trying to be ugly, lol but he shaved the beard off anyway”


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  1. Posted by Stephanie on September 28, 2009 at 10:10 am

    This is lovely Tish. He really is all kinds of special. They don’t make guys like him very often. I feel blessed to call him my friend.


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