Home sweet home

The house sale is final we now own a beautiful Cape Dutch house 12 miles from Stellenbosch cicra 1816. The previous owners tried to turn it into an inn, but it is far off of the beaten track that it just didn’t work and they had to relinquish it. While it is in the middle of beautiful wine country it is actually very isolated and not on the popular route.
The landscapers we hired have been busy, transfering and planting my flowers from the Mowbray estate,and erected a hot house for my more exotic flora. A pond will also be excavated to provide a new home for my darling koi,to swim away their little lives. The inside of the house has been newly renovated and is quite lovely, a lot of the features are modern but the owners managed to keep some of the original features like the doors and windows and fireplaces. It is quite lovely, and I can’t wait to move completely, some of our things are going tomorrow , the big things we can do without and the other things we shall take down ourselves.
I am sorry to leave my old home, for 25 yeas it has given me and my family shelter, it has kept us warm and dry, kept us together and seen many a happy time, my younger children have run down it’s hallways and played in it’s gardens, slid down the banisters, even though I told them not to, and played “bobalobajuju” ( a game they made up with their cousins ) in the attic. My grandchildren have read in the library and spent many a summer day in the gazebo or on the swings,Hill was married in the rose garden, Grayson announced his engagement in the water and rock themed part of the garden, our 40th anniversary party was held a few feet away around the pool. So many beautiful memories I am sad to leave it but I hope it brings the next owners as much happiness as we had there, and I hope they show it the love and respect that it deserves.Goodbye home, I was proud to have owned you.And I look forward to the new memories we will make in our new home


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