I was asked by Errant Son, to take over his part in some environmental thing he has going on, called The Climate Wake-up Events, which are based on the idea of “flashmobs” — fun, peaceful demonstrations in which participants assemble suddenly in a public place, blending in with the crowd, perform an unusual action simultaneously for a few minutes, and then quickly disperse. They will be mostly self-organising, so should be easy for everyone involved.

On the morning of September 21, everyone participating will set our alarms and gather together a few minutes before the assigned time, at locations chosen by the hosts in our local area. When our alarms go off, we’ll hold up our mobile phones and find each other, and then, as a group, call our leaders to urge them to go to Copenhagen and sign a fair, ambitious, and binding climate treaty this year. We’ll make as much noise as we can, while recording videos and photos for the UN presentation — then head back to work, school, or home to upload the results!

Thousands of simultaneous events will give us a great chance to seize the attention of world media and of leaders everywhere. Our partners in the TckTckTck campaign will be working alongside us — citizens’ groups and NGOs everywhere, helping to organize wake-up call events on the same day, from film screenings and dancing to aerial photography. But at the heart of it all are these grassroots wake-up call events which we as citizens need to make happen… so if you think you can commit to attend one of these events on the 21st September or you want to organise one of your own,let me know.


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