Is it better to have loved and lost……..?

As I might have mentioned my best friend Trudy lost her husband a few weeks ago, after 42 years of marriage. She was of course devastated, and I spent many an evening with her trying to comfort her, one evening she said something that made me begin to reflect on my own life, she said “I am lost without John, I wish I’d died first”
Later that night I began to reflect upon my own 44 year marriage, and I understood what she meant,while no one really wants to die, the thought of losing Leopold after so long, does indeed terrify me. I have lived with him for almost all of my adult life, we have never been apart for more than one day the idea that I might have to one day spend the rest of my days without him is very frightening.
I had a friend at school a long time ago who told me she was never getting married, when I askedher why, she said because she wasn’t going to spend all her life loving some man who would either, run off with a younger girl one day or die on her. I often wonder where she is now and if she is with someone or has she spent all these years alone. This poses the question, I suppose, Is it better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all?
For myself I am glad Ihave had the last 45 years with Leopold and I will be grateful for whatever amount of years I have yet to spend with him


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