A volunteer’s nightmare

I was under the impression that non profit organisations needed as much help and support from the public as they can get. Well, it doesn’t seem that way anymore!

My son has been struggling with four institutions now to offer his time and expertise as a volunteer but he either doesn’t hear back from them, or he has to nag them constantly to let him know when he can volunteer.

A very well known children’s hospital made it an absolute nightmare trying to volunteer there – basically if you work full time you have to take leave to attend talks, fill out forms, volunteer etc.

A well known animal welfare organisation did not get back to him after he applied twice to volunteer, then when he chased them he was promised someone would contact him in the first week of May and still nothing.

Two small animal welfare groups, which I doubt anyone has ever heard of, are just not interested.

He volunteered twice at the one place and never heard from them again despite e-mails etc, and have offered to do some free PR and campaigns for another, and have not ever heard back from them either.

Come on guys, you are continuously calling for volunteers but make it a nightmare to actually do it.


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