The Eco Mall

There are two words I am always wary of, “eco” and “mall”. I love the intimacy of a little corner shop, where they know your name. But I must say the newly renovate Baobab Mall, now known as 210 On Long Eco Mall is rather wicked ( I hear the youngsters use that word, “wicked” and “sick”, doesn’t anyone say “groovy” or “neato mosquito” anymore? )
When my daughter in laws said the words “Eco Mall” I thought I’d find myself in a skip like environment surrounded by poorly made junk.
This was very stylish and chic, and I was told completely built out of recycled or eco friendly materials!
I had to visit my old friend Baobab Books, it has been quite some time since I was in such a fine book shop and I could have stayed there all day, but after Grayson and I had both bought more books than we could carry, we payed a visit to Caroline Gilbello’s gallery, where we find some very impressive photographs.Her work is very natural, her B/W prints phenomenal, we dawdled here too much longer then anticipated. But it was the need for coffee and sustenance that drove us to the U & Me coffee house, a very social and casual ambiance about it, the coffee was good, and the pastries very fresh.

There were several shops I was very impressed with, original designer clothes and shoes, lovely home goods too. My favourite is the Hemporium, stylish clothing, bags, cosmetics and shoes, all made from natural hemp, all presented in a very elegant setting. When I think of hemp i think of potato sacks so I was very surprised to see quite a fashionable range.
I bought myself, a rather handy, bag for keeping all my things together when I go to the gym.


I had to drag Grayson out of The Green Shop, a variety of solar powered gadgets, everything an eco freak could dream off, cell phones, toys, ( even adult toys ).


So if you are keen on staying green or you just want to browse some lovely shops and get a cup of coffee, on a rainy day I highly recommend 210 On Long, we must try the organic fruit smoothies at Tutti Fruitti next time.




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