Dylan’s Birthday

May 29th is my grandson’s birthday, it seems like just weeks ago he was born, my second grandchild, the first Seaton-Jones male to actually be born in SA. Both Hillary and Grayson were born in the UK, although Grayson was less then 18 months old when we came to SA, Sophie was born here.

Having grandchildren is a wonderful experience, I think even more so then your own children I think I enjoy my grandkids more, because I don’t have the responsibility of having to raise them, I can spoil them to death which is the sacred right of all grandmothers, I can pass on my pearls of wisdom, and act as if I knew exactly what I was doing when I rasied my own children.

We did have a wonderful party for Dylan planned out, pony rides, a huge inflatable castle, clowns, a magician and a puppet show. We were desperately hoping the weather would be good to us, but when we woke in the morning to rain and some said it had hailed, we knew our goose was cooked. The free standing marquee was rigged to the double doors of the conservatory, which was emptied of all it’s contents, luckily it is heated and we also had heaters brought in to heat up the tent. I know this all sounds a tad extravagant especially as we are now officially in a recession, but how often is your only grandson five?! Once I hear you say, correct, good answer! I know, I know you are wondering with all of my extravagance how I possibly gave birth to the liberal, tree hugging, simplistic, selfless, save the whales, save the rain forests, save anything that needs to be saved son Grayson, these things happen!

The heaters however melted the ice cream cake that had to promptly be replaced by a Spiderman cake, made by a friend, in much haste! And decorated with one of Dylan’s own action figures, great thinking Grayson, ( what can I say the boy takes after me! Sometimes ).

So while the ponies were canceled and the inflatable castle never was put up, the magician, puppet show and clowns, ( ghastly things, I have no idea why Aimee wanted them! ) seemed to do the trick. A good time was had by all, especially our little birthday boy who grows more handsome with every day. I know all grandmothers are proud of their little ones
and all grandmothers think their grandchild is the most beautiful in the world, well you’re all wrong because my grandson is the most beautiful child in the world. Dylan reminds me so much of his uncle Grayson at that age, he was a butter-won’t-melt-in-his-mouth little angel in disguise aswell.



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