I am going to keep this short to avoid boring those of you who actually read my blogs. I know this is old news but it still, sticks in my craw that major western countries sent lower ranking officials, such as Britain’s junior foreign minister Mark Malloch Brown, US trade representative Ron Kirk and French secretary of state for human rights Rama Yade, to president Zuma’s inauguration.
These countries were major players in placing pressure and sanctions on apartheid South Africa, and calling for the unbanning of the ANC. Democracy was demanded and that was what they duly got.
So instead of honouring that we have had 4 presidents in 15 ( unlike the one president for 29 years in Zimbabwe ) and that we are probably the most workable democracy in Africa, they send people so far down the pecking order, I am sure their own citizens have never heard of them! Very encouraging.
Then they wonder why Africa regards them with suspicion!


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