‘Stop being a motormouth’

Helen Zille, does have a strong tendency for being a ‘motormouth’. All of the political parties have ‘motormoouths’ who use inflammatory language and engage in knee-jerk emotional statements where deeper thought should pertain.


In this case instead of playing the ball around this issue at hand , she ill-advisedly chose to flog the newly elected president who has attempted to bring healing to political discourse.


She must have known full well that this would result in furore. South Africa knows that Jacob Zuma made a number of unfortunate statements during his trial on the rape charge, for which he was found not guilty.


We also know he went on national televiosn and apologised for those remarks, and backed his apology with a statement which left nobody with any doubt thathe would promote a proper understanding of how HIV/AIDS is contracted and what precautions need to be taken.


Jacob Zuma is entitled to be respected in terms of his traditional belief system and practices.


Indeed it is a breech of his cont

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