‘Gender equality: Who cares?’

I see the Comission for Gender Equality has praised the ANC for its female provincial premier appointemnts. Well it would, wouldn’t it?!
I have absolutely no problem with women in positions of authority, in fact I welcome it, whether it’s Nomvula Mokonyane, Maria Ramos or Helen Zille.
What I do have a problem though is a woman – or anyone else for that matter, who isn’t a white, middle aged male-getting a top job through gender or racial manipulation.
I don’t care about the race or sex of whoever gets a top government job or coporate job, provided that I have good reason to believe that it’s the BEST person for the position regardless of race or sex.
I get the impression we are far too fond of window dressing at the expense of efficient delivery. And considering the manifold problems this country has right now, I would have thought service delivery would be top of the governemnt’s list.
What the government – and everyone else in authority-should be concentrating on is levelling the playing field at the very lowest levels, ie primary school education, followed by high school and tertiary education.
Then when the cream of the crop has emerged, choose from that elite group according to relevent qualifications and personality traits. The only time race or gender should be a consideration should be if two people have exactly the same qualifications-and a choice has to be made. And it should be made considering the position at stake.
Fifteen years after South Africa achieved democracy, a whole new, mainly non-racial generation has grown up.
They are all “new” South Africans and should be treated equally, regardless of race or sex.
Quotas- racial or gender- are just wrong, whether they are to do with government appointments or national sports teams.
And if our new president truly wants to represent all South Africans, as he says, he’ll have to recognise this.


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